Stem Cell Growth


Stem cells are kind of cells found in all the multi-cellular organisms. These cells are characterized by their peculiar feature of renewing themselves and differentiate into another form of cells with the help of mitotic cell division. The two main types of stem cells are the adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. There has

Canine adult stem cell rapidly improving and adapting to the times

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Canine adult stem cell rapidly improving and adapting to the times. Adult stem cells theraoies are used to treat disease today. The probably most well known stem cell therapy use is the umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants and the peripheral blood stem cells and bone marrow stem cell transplants. Cell therapy make it possible

Blood Cord Bank: An introduction to cord blood stem cells

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Finding a source of primitive stem cells. There are news reports about the positive impact that research on cord blood stem cells is having on the possible cure for numerous life threatening diseases. But with so many varying reports about it or even factions it is impossible to keep track of all its useful facts.

Adult Stem Cells And Advances In Medicine


Today, most research into the use of stem cells for health benefits focuses on the use of embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells have been found by scientists to be reproduced more easily in a laboratory making additional testing simple. Mainstream news media focusing on future uses of stem cells to cure disease and other

Stem cell treatments


Stem cell treatments epitomize perhaps mankind’s record opportunity to realize, an ancient call to “heal the sick,” relieve affliction and get better our quality of life. Stem cells are seen by many researchers as unrestricted submission trends, in the care and treatment of many diseases and disorders including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, strokes, and so forth.Researchers guarantee

Research on stem cells led to an unexpected conclusion

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Patients suffering from paralysis get hope in an entirely unexpected way. A team of British researchers have made a chance discovery during some research on stem cells: light can be used to generate motion and to control muscle cell activity. The team of researchers from University College London and King’s College began a series of

What is cord blood?

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Cord blood represents a valuable source of stem cells. It can be harvested only at birth. It is considered a “vehicle” which provides the necessary oxygen and nutrients essential to the growth and development of the fetus. It transports at the same time unnecessary substances (“waste”) resulting from tissue metabolism. In fetal life, the placenta